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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is my David Archuleta wall!

So I love David Archuleta.  I plan on marrying him one day.  I am so proud that he is serving a mission.  This summer, on June 4th, I went to the Festival of Books down at BYU.  At the festival of books I had the opportunity to meet David.  The encounter went something like this.
Walk up to table where David is sitting.  Proceed to drop everything I am holding.  That consists of two CD's, two CD cases, two posters, and a book.  Shaking harder than imaginable.
David:  Are you okay?
Me (nodding like an idiot):  uhhhhh huhhhh.....
Me:  You are AMAZING!*
David:  Well you are amazing too!
Me (dying inside my head, still shaking harder than a 9.0 earthquake):  You inspired me to try out for American Idol next summer!
David:  That's awesome!  You should totally do it!
I'm pretty sure I then said thank you so much!  But I can't remember because I was so dazed.  The girl behind me in line handed my back my camera.  I walked around to grab my bags.  I then proceeded to go outside where I sat and called people.  No one answered.  So there I was completely alone, on facebook freaking out, but having no one to talk to in real life.  Then it hit me what had just happened and I cried.
After this encounter I decided I was definitely marrying him.  Now on to Monday night.  Mom and Dad had told us there would be a Christmas surprise.  I was excited.  Then he told us it had to do with service.  Not quite as excited.  This is what happened after we parked downtown.
We walked along the street towards temple square.  We walked past Abravenal Hall when dad suddenly turned around and walked into Abravenal Hall.  I thought "REALLY! THE SYMPHONY! I'M MISSING GUITAR FOR THIS!"  We walked in.  I was really confused.  I then turned to my left and saw the merchandise stand.  I saw a tee shirt with David's face on it and started to get choked up.
Me:  You got us tickets to the David Archuleta Christmas concert??!?!?!?!?!?!
I then think my dad said are you excited!  We went up to our seats and the opening act was amazing.  Then David came on and sang and I freaked.  He waved at me and the lady next to me at one point.  Then he looked right at me.  (How ironic that the song that is now playing is "Touch My Hand") I screamed.  I sang along to all of his songs.  I was so happy.  He finished and I thought oh, he's probably done, I don't know if he will do an encore song.  But then, he came back out on stage.  He talked a bit and then made the huge announcement that he would be serving a mission.  You would not believe the screams!!! (click here to see the video) Then he sang O, Holy Night.  I cried when he announced it. A lot.  I thought to myself, if I don't marry him, I am marrying someone like him.  I was so proud in that moment to be a Mormon.  After the concert, I tweeted like eight hundred times how excited I was and texted people.  It was late so of course none of my friends responded.  I also posted to facebook.  11 people liked my status. The next day I told everyone I knew.  Even those who didn't care :)
So after being super happy for two days, I went to vocal lessons.  The following happened.
Michelle:  Did you go to the David Archuleta thing on Monday?
I then blabbed about how awesome it was and how I cried a bunch.  Go figure right? I can't remember the exact words that were said next but next thing I know she is holding a paper in front of my face that says "To Lizzie, David Archuleta" I bet you can't guess what I did next...  Yep, that's right, I cried.  It turns out her friend was in the choir that sang with David and she asked her friend to get me an autograph.  They were trying to get me a signed picture, but it was so hectic.  He pulled a paper out of his OWN notebook and signed it.
This is one of the coolest things I have ever gotten.  It means the world to me that she would think to do that for me.  So while I will miss David immensely, I will have a lot to remember him by.  Thank you Michelle and thank you David.  And Angela who got the autograph for me.  I hope one day I can meet you and thank you in person.
My David Archuleta Wall

My Picture of Me and David

My OMG is this really happening face
You should know, we weren't allowed to ask David to stop signing or to look up for a picture so when I checked my pictures right after the fact, and saw he looked directly at the camera, I was really excited.  Despite my goofy face.
This is my "Other Side Of Down" CD
And my "David Archuleta" CD
My "Other Side of Down" Poster
I like the fact it says "To Lizzie"
And my "David Archuleta" Poster
Lastly, my wonderful book
I feel very fortunate to have had these experiences.  I love David.  I know he is "My Kind of Perfect" and I hope that I am his ;)  a girl can dream right?  (Yes, I know I just made a bad David pun, but hey, it was right there).  If y'all are interested, his book is called Chords of Strength and I know you can for sure buy it at Deseret Book.  Also his opening act was Jeff LeBlanc.  Check him out on twitter @jleblancmusic (hint if you click on that name it will take you there)
I hope y'all have an amazing Christmas!
Love Love Love

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Freshman year, PLL, and well, my day

So yeah today was the fourth day of school and as school progresses it's getting a lot better.  After school I went and talked to my favoritest teacher from last year.  It made my day pretty much.  My bestie, Ariel has been really great this past week and I would like to thank her.  It's made things a ton easier.  So Pretty Little Liars.  It was amazing.  I am very sad that it is over though ):  I don't know if I can wait until October 19th for the Halloween episode!!!  I like the nonlinear plot (going back and forth in time) and I LOVED that Ezra came to the police station!!! I hope he tells Ella the truth!!!  AHHH!!!! I LOVE EZRIA!!!!!!!!!!  Anywho!!! OOOH! Guess what!!! There is aproximately 26 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes, and 28 seconds until the Taylor Swift Concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So anywho, tomorrow I think I will post my personal review of The Help!!! Both movie and book! Until then... Live Life Fearlessly!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today, I made a blog...

Hello my soon to be readers!!! Today I finally got around to creating that blog I have always wanted to create!  Being a writer, I always want to have an audience and it is the greatest privilege in the world.  However, being 14, it is not very common to be read.  First, a bit about me!  I am 14, so yes, I'm young. I want to be a writer, I love music, I love my guitar, and I love my friends.  Common 14 year old right?  My dreams and goals are many but to tell you the truth, I know what I love and I have a plan.  After high school I would like to attend Columbia University and  major in both Creative Writing and Journalism.  After college I would really like to move to Nashville for a few years to work on my writing and my music.  I realize that being a musician is not a very realistic goal.  I love music though.  I love writing it and I love hearing it.  That is why I think Nashville is my place to be.  I could spend quiet time working on a novel or something, and explore the music scene as well.  As the name of my blog, and my blog description state, I LOVE Taylor Swift.  I am obsessive.  I know basically everything there is to know about her.  Go ahead, ask me.  Currently, in fact, I am listening to her on my iPod on eternal repeat.  The current song is "Today Was a Fairy Tale".  I love that song...  I cannot wait for her concert... It is in 29 DAYS!!!!!  Yes, 29 days my friends, until I Speak Now.  From the videos I have seen, I think this will be the best concert I will ever attend!  Well, at least until I go to her next concert.  I am a certified Swiftie.  I actually do get slightly offended when people insult her.  She is a true talent.  Anyway...  Well I am going to go watch "The Lying Game" while I make dinner.  Also, I am anxiously awaiting the "Pretty Little Liars" finale tonight!  I am really sad that it isn't going to be on for a while!!! Oh well.  Tomorrow I will tell you guys all about it and about my first day of freshman year... And my summer!!! LOVE<3LOVE<3LOVE